Evolution versus Creation, Geocentrism versus the Earth in some random corner of the Universe: both have clear implications for belief in God. In both debates science is held to be firmly on the side of atheism; and we all “know” that science cannot be wrong.

For anyone considering these matters, the place to start isĀ Evolution. It is much easier to get to grips with the science there, which is mainly Biology, than with the Geocentrism issue. The science behind the latter is not only Physics, butĀ  it involves a lot of rather esoteric Physics. If you are already convinced that Darwin was badly wrong, you may have the motivation to plough through all the science relating to Geocentrism. If not, it is incomparably easier to research Evolution. And once convinced that Evolution is false, it becomes clear that Darwin is venerated for totally defective science. Knowing that gives a great motivation to question Einstein’s elevation to “Mega-genius”. He is the kingpin in upholding a view of the Universe which is every bit as godless as Darwin’s.

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