In the last ten years there has been an explosion of material about Flat Earth on the web. Flat Earth is easy to disprove. The curvature of the Earth has been obvious to sailors for thousands of years. The Greek Eratosthenes made a remarkably accurate estimate of the diameter of the spherical Earth two hundred years before Christ. And if you are in any doubt, look at a view of the Southern Hemisphere on Google Earth, and try booking some Southern Hemisphere flights. You will soon see that flight times do not permit flying right across the Northern continents, which a Flat Earth would require!

So why the upsurge in Flat Earth interest? It certainly has nothing to do with an increase in evidence for it. A possible reason is that there is more evidence for Geocentrism on the web than ever before, and people are coming to recognise its strength. For many, this is anathema. Yet the Geocentric or “Favoured Position” evidence is extremely hard to refute. Creating confusion between Flat Earth and Geocentrism is a relatively easy way to discredit the latter. (Flat Earthers, if they even exist apart from internet trolls, also promote Geocentrism.)