The origin of this site goes back a decade to when I first attempted to understand Einstein’s Relativity Theories. I was troubled by the assertion that light always travels at the same speed regardless of anything else at all. This is counter-intuitive to say the least. It also seemed strange to me that there are still two theories (Special and General) rather than one unified theory. And beyond that, the existence of an Ether (effectively denied by Einstein) had always made sense to me. Googling back then, I looked at the Michelson-Morley and Michelson-Gale experiments, but being busy with other things I think I confused them! Geocentrism popped up, but seemed to have little going for it. And almost every site I looked at seemed to confirm Relativity. In due course I gave up, guessing that Einstein was probably right, and that may be it didn’t matter anyway.

At the time I was doing this I was already convinced that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was false, but still working through some details, particularly with respect to geological processes. Fast forward to today, and I find Darwin’s Theory not just false, but hilarious. And at some point over recent years I had at last become aware of Nicola Tesla and what a great scientist he was. These things coming together prompted some fresh questions:

Why were Darwin and Einstein promoted as possibly the greatest scientists ever, when at least one of them was not great at all?

Why has Tesla been almost air-brushed out of history, when he really was great?

If Darwin can be lauded for producing a grossly defective and godless theory that most people believe, could the same be true of Einstein?

Could Relativity be a can of worms that directs people away from scientific evidence for God, in particular the possibility that the Earth is in a favoured place in the Universe?

And so, with much more time at my disposal, I began looking again. I soon found the crucial Sagnac Experiment, which I had never heard of previously. Things moved on, and I felt it justified a website which was a ready reference to all the key experiments, arguments, and other matters relevant to Geocentrism. Right now (April 2019) it’s barely getting its umbilical cord cut. Please come back later when it’s grown up a bit!